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Logicmaster 90 70 Software 27 ===> DOWNLOAD

Logicmaster 90 70 Software 27 ===> DOWNLOAD

Table SUMMARY. The following items are used to configure your Logicmaster: [Web page links. When you are ready to setup the interface, download the Logicmaster9070_PS.ppt from the Logicmaster9070_PS_WWW.pdf. On the Logidriver user interface page, double-click the tab that corresponds to your Logicmaster model. The first control screen that appears has the model name in the top right corner. Make sure this is correct and that the company name, product name, and model name match. On the next screen, select the “Endpoint Logidriver for Series 90” interface. The configuration screens are shown in Table and are described in Table Since the manual covers both 10 and 20 Series models of Logicmaster, the user interface screen shots show both versions. Additional screen shots are provided throughout the manual. If you are using a 10 Series Logicmaster, pay particular attention to the steps in the installation. You need to know how to load the DOS code for the series 10 models. The web pages can be accessed from a web browser on the same computer as the Logicmaster. For maximum safety, we strongly recommend that you test the application on a separate laptop or workstation. If you encounter a problem, you can call Technical Service at 800-428-3264. They can remotely locate and fix any problems. Product info: Logicmaster 90-70 software. Description: Logicmaster 90-70 programming software. Place to get your driver: online. Manufacturer: GE. Main address: PO Box 9200. GE Tech Support Email: gecom. : Or call GE Technical Service at 800-428-3264. Unauthorized use is subject to criminal and civil penalties. File size: 150 KB. Installation Requirements: requires 386 PC-compatible processor or higher. Word/Office 97: 19 KB. Security requirements: requires password protection. File was analyzed by International Business Machines Corp. Note: You must install DOS 3.3 or later for this product. An optional user interface CD-ROM drive and/or network interface card are required to operate this software. The firmware (hardware configuration) for these features must be loaded from the network and installed in the correct location prior to using this software. To load the firmware into the CD-ROM drive for the network interface card, you must use the


Logicmaster 90 70 Software 27 !FULL!

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